Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Team Update - 11/18/2015

Team status report as requested by Dr. Furman

As of now our team is still planning on what they are planning to do next semester. The CAD drawings for the small scale bogeys have successfully been open since we were finally able to get SolidWorks 2015 on our own computers. We will soon send David Moal the files to have the parts for the first five initial bogeys machined. Each team is still continuing their duties to figure out ways to improve the current system. Track team will be working on the cabin design to have the electronics fit into a scale model shell. The controls team is working on the locations system and trying to solve the problem of locating the vehicles while they are not in motion. The track team is still working out the kinks in the loop design we are planning to use. 

Five people in our group, David, Henry, Kenny A., Nasrat, and Thomas, are also apart of the ME190 class and for their term project they will be working on two different system as two separate projects for the mechantronics capstone. David and Kenny will be working on a collision avoidance system so the vehicles don't run into each other and they can also run in closer proximity to each other. Henry, Nasrat, and Thomas will be working on a positioning system for the vehicles as their term project and this will include how well the vehicles can approximate their location using position marker, which is the bar code scanner, to locate themselves on the track. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

Gantt Chart